In my last two years of high school, I started struggling with maintaining my weight. I went from 135 pounds to 145 and ended up at around 150. My first year at West Point (mainly the summer training) kicked my butt and I was finally back at around 140 pounds. However, it did not stay that way for very long. Before I knew it, by junior year, I was back up to around 154. During these years, I didn’t care what I ate, I didn’t care how much I ate, and I didn’t have a game plan for maintaining weight. So why in the world did I think that I would magically stay skinny and fit? Well, obviously, I did not.

June 2012 – 150 lbs – A day before I started my summer training at West Point

After my wedding and honeymoon to Costa Rica (which were both amazinngggg), I hit my all time low (or high?) with my weight. At one point, the scale read 169 pounds. For a 5’3 gal of my stature, that was an unhealthy weight and I knew there were changes that needed to be made.

For about 6 months, I tried just restricting my caloric intake (it’s all calories in, calories out, right?). Yet, I was still eating unhealthy things and didn’t truly care or look into the things I was putting into my body. For dinner, I would get frozen organic pizzas, eat half of it and a salad and think that I was doing the right things to lose weight and get healthy and in great shape.

I would go to the gym and work out super hard twice a day, but didn’t really have any set work out plan. I would just go into the gym and just pick something to do (NOT a good idea if you want to see continual progress and changes in your body).

July 2016 – 165 lbs – St. Louis, MO

In those six months, I was only able to lose 10 pounds. I down to 159 pounds and there was still weight to be lost.

Finally, after arriving in El Paso, Texas, I did some soul searching and decided to commit to changing my life. I decided I would follow the Ketogenic Diet and I promised I would follow a lifting program that I designed myself. No longer did I go to the store and just grab things and put them in my cart because I thought they looked good or it sounded healthy. Before buying anything, I looked at the nutrition facts to see what was inside. 90% of the time, I put that item back on the shelf because it had huge amounts of added sugar or unnatural fat.

I went to the gym every day (except for one rest day) and did the same work outs over and over each week. The only things I changed about my work out program were slight tweaks to make it better.

These were my results:

Left: July 9, 2017 – 154 lbs – On the top of Guadelupe Peak (highest peak in Texas); Right: February 5, 2018 – 136 lbs – Kuwait

I am now in the best shape of my life, I am the happiest I’ve ever been and I am confident and happy in my body. For anyone out there trying to lose weight, it is not an easy journey. You can’t make a half-ass commitment. It’s all or nothing. Make the changes in your life that you need to to be happy, healthy and fit.

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