Take the Initiative

Do the things you need to do to be productive. Don't wait around for your boss or another person to tell you what you need to do. If you wait, you'll just be helping another person achieve their goals and be more productive, putting off your needs. Take the initiative and do the work that … Continue reading Take the Initiative


I do not understand and cannot comprehend how people, especially in professions that rely on and preach teamwork, can treat each others like robots. It seems to be like this everywhere I look. This issue ties into "workaholism". We look at people as if they are machines, with no feelings, emotions, wants or needs. And … Continue reading iRobot


Whenever you have a choice between simplifying and complicating something, the chance always seems so obvious. You should simplify. Yet, as human beings we always gravitate toward complication to feed our self-esteem. The truly successful people seek simplicity and deliver in an efficient and timely manner to assure quality. You see people in the gym … Continue reading Quality/Quantity