When people are going through a difficult time in their life, they need more than criticism. They need more than being told they did something wrong. Some think that those who are struggling need to be degraded, and told that they are worthless for making mistakes, thinking it will result in a positive outcome.

99 percent of the time, those who are struggling want and need help. And 99 percent of the time, these people already know that they messed up, or did something that they know they shouldn’t have done. Most of them will admit to their wrongdoings.

Previously, I have been nervous and hesitant to offer my help or give advice and insights. ┬áBut I could not let the people around me, whether it’s friends, family, employees, waste away with negativity and harshness. When someone confides in you, they are not just talking to talk. They are asking for help and for advice. If you don’t give your true thoughts, you are failing that person, failing yourself and degrading your potential.

Your words and actions have a huge impact on others. Decide carefully whether those words and actions will be harsh, caring, uplifting or meaningful.

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