Lashing Out


Don’t get mad or lash out at people that you love for something that has nothing to do with them.

Today, my leg workout did not go as planned. People were calling me non-stop, the equipment was not what I was used to using in my gym back home (making me miss my gym in the States), and I just wasn’t feeling it. The further along in the work out I got, the more frustrated I became. As I was getting back to my room, my husband called me to say hello before he went to bed (8 hour time differences are no fun), and I started to take out those frustrations on him even though my shitty work out had nothing to do with him. At first, our conversation started out with him being optimistic and happy. Quickly, it became strained and negative. I had made the only conversation that I wanted to have that day negative.

Don’t hurt the people and damage relationships of those you love due to frustrations that they have no control over. These actions add stress to our lives. Decrease stress by talking about your frustrations and hardships with these people, asking for advice, or maybe just a little sympathy for those around you going through their own hardships.

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