Whenever you have a choice between simplifying and complicating something, the chance always seems so obvious. You should simplify. Yet, as human beings we always gravitate toward complication to feed our self-esteem. The truly successful people seek simplicity and deliver in an efficient and timely manner to assure quality. You see people in the gym every day for two or three hours who are still over weight. How can someone who works out for 20 minutes a day look better? How can someone who works only 8 hours a day out-perform someone who works 12 hour days? Because the key is quality, not quantity.

You can sit in your office all day and barely make ends meet, or you can focus on making one important decision that will change the course of your career and/or life. You will find the most successful people in the world only make one decision a month. Warren Buffet conducts research for half a year to make one trading decision. We are fools if we think more is better and don’t take the steps to revoke the social doctrine that keeps us all enslaved in our work, finances and relationships.

Let the cliches billow from the mountain tops and perk your ears up. Less is more. Quality over quantity. These shall be our battle cries against the tyranny of ever petulant members of society that claim ownership of our lives. Because fuck that, I can rule myself.

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