Continuously Shrinking and Expanding


“Life shrinks and expands in proportion to one’s courage”

-Anais Nin

Today, for some reason, this quote stuck out to me. Recently I’ve been thinking about what courage is, and how one is “courageous“. My Army unit’s motto is “Courageous and Faithful” and having to write it on Facebook posts and say it at the end of meetings all the time got me thinking.

My husband showed me the quote above by Anais Nin, and then it hit me. My husband is extremely courageous. Already throughout the first month away from each other, he has showed strength and perseverance. He has been working hard to better himself, complete new and more difficult goals, and spend time with his family. During deployments, and even when we’re not deployed, Army spouses do not get the recognition that they deserve. They find work in far away and sometimes desolate places (wherever the Army decides to send their husband/wife). Most of the time they are the one’s who maintain the household. Even my husband spends more time and puts more effort into cleaning and organizing our apartment. During deployments, they are also alone and without their loved one. Plus, they take care of all household goods, pets, children, etc.

However, my husband hasn’t just developed this courage during the last few weeks. Our whole relationship has been courage-inducing. Since the beginning of our relationship, we have lived far apart from each other, only seeing the other maybe once a month. We have had tough jobs and career fields, where work drains us of all our energy. Many people would have given up, but not him. My husband took these challenges and never once thought of quitting. He rose above and put his all into our relationship. He fought hard during difficult and trying times. This is what I think about when the word “courage” comes out of my lips or off of my fingers. Our lives have been continuously “shrinking and expanding”. But I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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