Goals: Make Some and Stick to Them

It’s been a goal of mine since I was 12 years old to hike the Grand Canyon. In December of last year, Robby and I followed through on that goal. Photo: Robby Schultheis

SO… I know that Very Happy Traveler started out as a travel blog, but I’ve embarked on a new “adventure” that I would like to document here for the time being. I recently deployed with my Army unit to the Middle East and won’t be back in the States until August of 2018. While this “adventure” may not be the Greek island-hopping vacation that I’ve been wishing for, I am taking the opportunity to develop myself in ways that I either didn’t have time to when I wasn’t deployed, or just didn’t really take the time to think about. One of the steps that I’m taking to better myself during this tough ¬†time is doing a daily journal entry. Surprisingly, my husband got me started on journaling, and I fell in love with it. There is something therapeutic about writing down your thoughts and feelings each day. To keep track of my entries, I decided that I am going to write them in my journal each night, and then once or twice a week post them (and maybe expand upon some of them) to Very Happy Traveler.

For my first entry, I wrote about goals. I wanted to write out daily goals for myself, so at any time if I felt that my time was not being used wisely, and my goals slipped my mind, I could always go back and be reminded of them. Goals are very important in your daily life, and I’ve just started realizing this. It’s something that I wish I would’ve realized earlier in my life (maybe in college when all I did was binge watch Gossip Girl in my free time). They help you stay on track, and they help you reach your full potential. Here are the goals that I have set for myself for the nine months that I will be away from home:

  1. Lift Weights/Run for 1 hour (except for my rest day)
  2. Yoga (15 minutes)
  3. Journal Entry (10 minutes)
  4. Read (at least 15 minutes)
  5. Rosetta Stone — Learn German (15-30 minutes)
  6. Stock Research (10 minutes)

All of these goals will improve and develop myself and will help to make myself happier, in a place where happiness is somewhat hard to come by. I told myself (in my journal), “don’t just go back to your room and watch Netflix all night; you will be disappointed with yourself at the end of the nine months.” When you look at these goals, you may think they’re silly, or a waste of time. But that’s the point of individual goals. Everyone has SOMETHING¬†that they feel strongly about, or something that they want to do more of in their daily lives. When I look at these goals, they are all something that I feel strongly about. Even more, I am more than capable and have more than enough time to do all six of those goals in one day. Maybe I have to spend a little less time scrolling through Instagram, or spend only 30 minutes watching half an episode of Stranger Things 2 (which is so difficult). But trust me, it’s so worth it. You will feel accomplished, happier, and more confident. I know I do.

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