On the Edge: Montauk, NY


While at school at West Point, I thought I would take the opportunity to take a long drive to the very eastern tip of New York for my birthday. Although the drive through Long Island is a lengthy one, there are many sights to see on the way to Montauk, from cute coffee shops to unique stores and boutiques! If you want a weekend (or longer!) of relaxation on the beach, sightseeing and adventure, Montauk is a great location for someone visiting New York to venture out to. I highly recommend spending your time here in the summer or spring time, as all of the restaurants and attractions are open during then (and it’s perfect beach and ice cream weather!). Robby and I visited in late April, and some of the activities in the area were still closed down from the winter (but we still had a great time!). Here are my recommendations on how to make your stay in Montauk count!

First, make your way to the Montauk Point Lighthouse!


There are SO many lighthouses in the Long Island/Montauk area, but the most famous one is the Montauk Point Lighthouse. It was the first lighthouse in New York state, and the views from the top are beautiful (ocean, as far as the eye can see!). The walk up the little, spiral lighthouse staircase is almost as exciting as the views!


In the same area as the lighthouse, there is a rocky trail that goes all the way around the lighthouse and ends up on the rocky beach (shown above). The trail gives a different view of the lighthouse that one cannot see from the main entrance and is definitely worth the extra walk!


When you’re done exploring the lighthouse, head to the downtown area and check out the Candied Anchor candy shop and grab some fudge and ice cream at Fudge N Stuff! The candy store has self-serve (by the pound) candy and tons of unique sweets from around the world, while the fudge shop has homemade fudge and tons of different flavored ice creams.


(Photo: http://www.candiedanchor.com/)

There were a couple of places that Robby and I wanted to check out, but couldn’t due to them being closed for the winter or just not having enough time to go to them. The first place was the Sloppy Tuna, a fun looking bar and grill right on the beach. I’ve heard great things about this place, but unfortunately we didn’t get to experience it for ourselves because it was closed for the season 😦 The next place we really wanted to try was the Montauk Brewing Company. We always enjoy a good brewery, so if (or when) we visit Montauk again we will definitely hit this place up!


(Photo: http://www.danspapers.com/2014/07/montauk-restaurant-review-summers-selections-at-sloppy-tuna/)

Comment your favorite places in Montauk! 🙂



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